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PERCEPTIONISTS (MR LIF & AKROBATIK) feat. SYNE: Hose Down (2017) Video + Grab Hold free download

PERCEPTIONISTS (MR LIF & AKROBATIK) feat. SYNE:  Hose DownMr Lif and Akrobatik return shortly as Perceptionists (after a minor twelve year hiatus) with a full-length LP, Resolution. Before that though is, the menacing bounce of single Hose Down. Like many of their beats from back in the day, this one forgoes boom-bap for a more progressive approach. Indeed, it seems to have taken its gritty cue from UK Grime with ominous rhythm guitar over pared down-percussion while the duo lyrically compare and contrast stateside law enforcement’s contribution to interracial harmony then (as in at the time of the Civil Rights Movement) and now – as in – er – now. Still, things must surely be a lot better now, right? Unsurprisingly, given recent notorious gun-related events, that’s not the vibe Lif and Akrobatik are giving off. Check the video below and cop free track Grab Hold off the second player below that.

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