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PECOE: Full Tilt EP (2017)

PECOE:  Full Tilt EP (2017)There’s no end-of-the-year slacking from Oz party-breaks merchant Pecoe who delivers decidedly summery four-tracker the Full Tilt EP to warm-up your life before shit gets really cold. As with his Dance Sucka bump on the summer’s Big Fat Mama Beats Vol. 2 from BBP, he’s clearly got the requisite old school party breaks credentials but isn’t completely trying to deny that he’s living in 2017 either. Which is why you’ll find the likes of Gwen McCrae teamed up with some nastayy buzzsaw synth on My Funky Sensation. No-one wants to overdo the wobble n bass though – it’s just a bit…abrasive – which is probably why our man steers clear of such overt modernisation on the remaining three cuts. Here, he’s content to subtly elevate the beats and the bottom end and deliver a sympathetic blend of elements from the champion disco-breakin’ sound of the title track to the muscular rerub of Peter Brown and Betty Wright’s Dance With Me and an instrumental-ised take on a certain JB’s cut.
(Out now on Breakbeat Paradise (Juno Download)/ 14 December globally)

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