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PECOE: Beat Treats 2 EP

PECOE:  Beat Treats 2 EPHaving established himself as one of the most frequent artists to release material on BBP, not to mention one with a reliably consistent funky output, Pecoe has just dropped the sequel to his Beat Treats EP from the autumn entitled, you guessed it, the Beat Treats 2 EP – his tenth for the label, no less. Another four-tracker, this one also presses all the right buttons again. So Nice is powered by crisp drums, James Brown grunts and heavy synth bass, My Business is musically similar but adorns the beat with more 90s R&B female vocal loops and Funky Dope employs a looser drum break, a rappapella and a bit of sax-iness. Best of all for the monkey though is the appropriately-named Gonna Do It Right, which manages to pile bass sax, fat n funky rhythm guitar, female oohs and male ahhs on top of the drums. Ooer.
(Out now on Breakbeat Paradise)

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