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PARRIS & VANUCCI: Disco Of Love EP – 2010

Disco breaks? Smooth rap vocals? Synth bass? Big horns? I think it’s safe to say that wherever you are and whatever time it is, it’s going to be ladies’ night when any cut from this comes on and never more so than on the very large title track. Not that I’m complaining about such a shameless attempt to boost the numbers of females on the dancefloor you understand – but what to call such a project? As luck would have it, the surnames of Robin Parris and Aldo Vanucci, when combined, contrive to sound exactly like an international cosmetics/ fashion giant – what were the chances? Then there’s the artwork – the perfect simulacrum of a label on a new fragrance – I wouldn’t be surprised to find out you get a free bottle with every purchase. Oh yeah, and the release date – cynically engineered by the evil masterminds behind this to coincide with the end-of-year party season. There’s only one possible course of action – get all my sisters ready for a boogie right now. Well, after a quick facial peel. And a waxing. And few million changes of clothing. So not ‘right now’ exactly. More like by the time this comes out. If you can’t wait that long (see below) CLICK HERE to download ‘The Loveboot’ re-edit of the title track.
(Out 22 November on Jalapeno)

Listen to Parris & Vanucci – Disco Of Love EP

(PRESS RELEASE) Musical double acts have a long history of working well together, Basement Jaxx, Clivilles & Cole, Cannon & Ball to name just a few so Parris & Vanucci have a lot to live up to, and word is they are ready for the long climb.

The dynamic duo is made up of Aldo Vanucci – known for being Fatboy Slim’s cratedigger, a long line of mash ups and releases for AV8, Catskills, Good Groove, Funk Weapons and Tru Thoughts, but most of all for being Plymouth’s 14th best DJ.

Alongside him is West Country beatsmith Robin Parris, who as a radio presenter, dj and up n coming producer has had records signed to Hot Cakes, Nice Up and of course us here at Jalapeno Towers. This EP shows their love of disco, hip hop, funk and soul all mixed together and aimed firmly at the dancefloor.

Parris & Vanucci – Disco Of Love EP
1. Disco Of Love
2. Georgia Moan
3. I Like Whatcha Doin’
4. Get Down On The Floor

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