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PALOV meets ANG ANGELIDES: Carnibal Records 006 (2012)

It’s the Carnibal Records train’s sixth visit to town in 2012 and this time the Greek label focuses on producer Palov and his guitarist buddy Ang Angelides. Four tracks deep, it ends with the mellow, rural-sounding skank of Waste Of Time but up until that point we’re very much in swing breaks territory – all 20s and 30s wah-wah trumpets and organic-sounding drums. Why – it’s practically a Swingiad! There’s even a convincingly authentic vocal from Brazilian chanteuse Monique Maion. It’s nice to know there’s still a creative light shining in a country suffering increasingly from the racist, jack-booted feet of violent rightwing organisation Golden Retards. Or whatever they’re called.

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