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ORIGINAL GRAVITY RECORDS: Reggae Dynamite Vol. 1 EP (Vinyl 7″)

[RATING: 5] If you caught the recent MB feature on Original Gravity Records recently, you’ll know that the label is one to watch – not just for the dope music but because it’s almost entirely the work of label owner Neil Anderson. Here he indulges his love of boss reggae on Reggae Dynamite Vol. 1 via no fewer than three pseudonyms – The Regulators, Woodfield Road Allstars and Prince Dolly. And if you think his facility for pastiching band names of early seventies Jamaican outfits is impressive, it’s as nothing compared to the impact of the music itself. Rightly leading the charge is ‘Regulators’ cut Why Why Why – a gorgeous vocal bomb track that The Melodians or Delano Stewart would have been pleased to knock out. This is followed by a brace of ‘Woodfield Rd

Allstars’ instros: the organ-led Coast To Coast and the even more lilting flute-led and appropriately named Soul Flute. The whole thing is fittingly wrapped up by ‘Prince Dolly’s’ Why Dub Why versioning of the opener on a release that provides a splendid addition to a string of recent excellent boss reggae and rocksteady releases which include last year’s excellent return to the fray by The Aggrolites, Daptone’s last Leon Dinero 45 and the previous Regulators’ 45. Let’s hope this continues – the monkey is right behind it all the way. Pre-orders are open now and the minor inconvenience of a global pandemic means shipping isn’t scheduled till late July, early August. On the strength of the preview audio it sounds like the wait will be worth every second.
(Pre-order now; vinyl ships late July/ early August on Original Gravity Records

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