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ORIGIN ONE feat. PARLY B: Mi Bredrin (2016)

Mi Bredrin Origin One Parly B[RATING: 5] New to the Nice Up! label, Origin One bring dancehall MC Parly B and earth-shaking bass and sweet melodies along for skankin’ debut single Mi Bredrin as Parly B advises the yout’ everywhere to stop all that shooting and looting. After all, if you’re fighting amongst yourselves you won’t have time to hold your crooked government to account will you? Actually I’m not sure if he does say the second bit – my patois is still rather rusty for want of practice – but I’m sure he wouldn’t disagree. Remixer Bim One‘s on a hand to take things in a digital dancehall direction too and there’s also the instro. Boom!
(Out 13 May on Nice Up!)

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