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OMEGAMAN: El O’Man Boogaloo (2013)

Inveterate breakbeat remixer Omegaman (not to be confused with the similarly-named 1971 Charlton Heston flick) is just about to drop this pleasant slice of original neo-boogaloo entitled El O’Man Boogaloo – a release on which he has hooked up with All Good Funk Alliance, Skeewiff and Mo Horizons on a remix tip. And made sure you get the instros of all the above. Which has to beat haring around a deserted post-apocalyptic L.A. firing indiscriminately on weird albino mutants and playing chess with a bust of Caesar. Omegaman. Not The Omega Man. Simples.
(Out 11 June on Beatport and 25 June elsewhere on Fort Knox Recordings)

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