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ODJBOX: Penguin (2015)

Penguin OdjboxPenguin is the latest leak from Odjbox‘s Oak EP – his forthcoming ‘KPM Shorts’ drop on EMI’s KPM library music subsidiary. Many will know of KPM as the source of much late sixties/ early seventies funky Hammond-driven instrumentals – however, while both instrumental and funky, Hammonds are noticeably absent. Instead Penguin begins with a flurry of horns and drums before settling into a swinging march. A glitchy bassline is soon added to the mix and the outro is positively symphonic. Almost the sort of thing to soundtrack the antics of a certain loveable antarctic creature. There’s no definite release date yet but I’m reliably informed that you’ll be able to pick up Penguin shortly.
(Out soon on KPM)

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