ODJBOX: Party Toad (2017)

ODJBOX:  Party Toad Look out it’s Party Toad. Don’t worry that’s neither an attempt to make Wind in The Willows sound less twee or a reference to some slimy Tory party donor but the new one from producer Odjbox whose re-work of Arthur Conley’s Funky Street MB regulars may remember. This employs a similarly funky bounce but is all-original and straight up twenty-first century bizniz. To wit, it provides glitchy uptempo hip-hop which sounds like it’s just come off the Ritalin and appears a distant cousin in sound to the Beastie Boys’ Make Some Noise. There’s no rapping however (this is library music don’t you know? Or at least part of an EP commissioned by KPM) though there are some rapped shout-outs including the refrain, “Fuck the VLP!” or perhaps it’s the ‘PLP.’ No idea who that is/ they are but this’ll have you joining in and cussing ’em like a good ‘un. The Bat House Beats EP follows next week and the early signs are that it’s just as phat as this.
(Out now on KPM)

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