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O.LOVE X DIDJELIRIUM X DJ DSK: Refuse (DNA Edit) / Tonight (DNA Edit) Vinyl 7″

DJ DSK’s DNA Records’ next vinyl 7″ is this with each side featuring a DSK remix apiece. On side A our man takes on Refuse by O.Love (a.k.a. multi-instrumentalist Ollie Love a.k.a. six time UK DMC champion DJ Asian Hawk!) re-arranging Love’s vox and live instrumentation and applying heavy breakbeat augmentation to yield a smouldering, slowly building dancefloor groover. On the flip however, it’s Didjelirium of Chinese reggae collective Uprooted Sunshine whose work gets a makeover. The original of Tonight was a highly serviceable slice of roots business and – what with it being reggae and all – there’s really only one direction to go for a remix which DSK goes in with bells on, hacking the track’s d.n.a. and versioning it as a heavyweight slab of building-shaking dub.
(Out now HERE DNA Records)

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