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NUBIYAN TWIST: Dance Inna London feat. SUPACAT/ All The Pieces Ltd. 12″ (2017)

NUBIYAN TWIST:  Dance Inna London feat. SUPACATHow do you manage to fit both tracks of a single, plus two remixes of each track plus the instros on vinyl? The answer, hipsters, is on a twelve inch – remember them? Nubiyan Twist certainly do as they re-work Supacat’s dubby 80s dancehall cut Dance Inna London in their own live-band, jazzy-reggae style with singer Nubiya Brandon effortlessly supplying new vocals and lyrics and Supacat co-opted to provide the hook. All The Pieces is a rather more (acid) jazzy affair with remixes from Wonky Logic and Voyeur in future-hop and – ahem – deep-house respectively while Renegades Of Jazz and his alter ego Dem Juju Poets take care of remixing the first track. And indeed it is the Dem Juju Poets remix you really need this for – a gorgeous rootsy skank with foundation-shaking bass. ‘Ear me now!
(Out 7 April on Wormfood)

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