NILES PHILLIPS:  Out Of Sight EPAll the way back in 2013, Niles Philips provided one of the monkey’s favourite tracks of the year with his blues-tinged Hammond funky re-work of The Worldstylers’ Gimme One More. Having not heard much from the Dutch producer in the intervening years, he suddenly hoves back into sight with his all-original four-track EP Out Of Sight and reveals his talent for blissful breakbeat grooves. Phillips plays all the instruments on this release himself melding that bluesy guitar twang once again to synths, organ and warm bass. Opener Hidden In A Star Field is arguably the most upbeat while the title track gets a little more moody and cinematic. The Price We Pay takes the soundscape vibe in a glitch-hop direction and finally Antibody is arguably the moodiest of the lot with slow-burning organ vying with breathy female exclamations and ominous retro film dialogue about contagious disease. So from reasonably active and upbeat to moody and downtempo with an ominous vocal content. Sounds like a Tory press interview. It is at the very least, a highly listenable musical comment on our times.
(Out now on Timewarp Music)

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