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NICK PRIDE & THE PIMPTONES: Gotta Leave The Lady Alone/ Baby Can We Start Again (2016)

Gotta Leave The Lady Alone Nick PrideSexually-harrassed lady fans of funky blue-eyed acid jazz rejoice! For your anthem arriveth in the form of the lead single from Nick Pride & The Pimptones‘ forthcoming album Go Deep! But how to audio-visually explore a track called Gotta Leave The Lady Alone? I know, how about sheathing a presentable young lady in something form-fitting, placing her in a seedy industrial setting and surrounding her by a bunch of men visibly working up a sweat by furiously playing with their instruments. Yep that should do it. Lucky said lady is friend-of-the-band Beth Macari and the lady who needs to be left alone is her sister then. Nice drum break too. Flip Baby Can We Start Again is an altogether more neo-northern affair, if you get my meaning.
(Out 13 May on Legere Recordings)

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