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N’FA JONES: Life’s A Game (TOM SHOWTIME Re-rub) (2013) Free download

“Life is just a game and there are many ways to play,” opines Oz rapper N’Fa Jones on the first single off his forthcoming LP collab with Drapht. It’s a controversial sentiment that might not achieve universal appreciation what with all that feral capitalism and global oppression stuff going on – not to mention super Typhoons. Lost your job so the CEO can have another fucking yacht? Only child killed by a drone strike? Lost your family and your house due to an ‘act of god’? Lighten up – it’s just a game! Alright – calm down – it’s just an ode to positive thinking. Enter Tom Showtime who provides an alternative way to play this number via the medium of a reggae remix which somehow lends the original a little more sonic gravitas. Cop it below:

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