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MYLES SANKO: Forever Dreaming (2014)

Forever Dreaming Myles SankoFormer Speedometer and Chris Read collaborator Myles Sanko (dubbed the ‘love child of soul’ by ‘font of cliched metaphors’, Time Out: London), will be Forever Dreaming from tomorrow when his debut LP drops. The album is ten cuts deep and supplies a smorgasbord of the sort of melodic soul ballads and smooth uptempo neo-soul cuts from which wafts a powerful aroma of ‘potential chart botherer and advert synch.’ Clearly Sanko and longtime songwriting partner Thierry Los have tapped into the stylistic legacy left by Stevie and Marvin’s work in the seventies and it would be difficult to argue that Sanko’s pipes lack major label appeal (or that his well-groomed beard lacks lady-appeal) but then competition for this sort of stuff is always stiff and you could wile away your days releasing LP after LP of quality tunes forever – er – dreaming of the big time. Having said that, in this day of viral Youtube hits, there’s always the chance that one of your videos will go global and you’ll be signed to a major label before you can say ‘John Legend.’
(Out 12 September (digital) and 15 September in physical format)

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