MY THERAPIST: Drag On (2013) Free download (exclusive)

[RATING: 5] Got beat issues? Meet My Therapist. No not my therapist. My Therapist. He’ll sort you right out – in this case with an intensive course of mash-up treatment – exclusive to monkeyboxing. The treatment takes the form of a single download entitled Drag On. Look on it as a combined approach that takes Jungle Brothers wisdom (without Rae & Christian trappings) and Grant Lazlo knowledge. A typical result would be a booming great swing-hop-powered heaving dancefloor and a greatly increased sense of well-being on both sides of the decks.

The previously ‘Scoured’ My Therapist has been honing his craft since pissing off DJ Yoda at a gig by pestering him one too many times in the dj booth. Far from being a black mark against MT, I like to view this as karma for Yoda who is still in the MB doghouse for trying to house the monkey at a recent gig…Cop Drag On exclusively via the link below and check soundcloud preview below that…

[download id=”7″]

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