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MY NEIGHBOUR IS: Running Of The Bulls (2014)

Running Of The Bulls My Neighbour IsDespite the terrible handicap of a day job as a house music producer under the nom de plume Robotneedsoil, My Neighbour Is moonlights as a funky breaks producer and acquits himself more capably than many who don’t suffer from any kind of house music affliction. Arriving approximately a year after his rather good Fish & Chips EP, his Running Of The Bulls EP finds the man corralling any number of funky samples, rolling breaks and snatches of film dialogue. For all the PR describes it as ‘downtempo’ a fair amount of this is more energetic and some of it even approaches b-boy friendliness. It Shakes And It’s Alright is first out of the corral and turns on a soul hook, a bluesy harmonica and some Wesley-esque horns. Respekta charges along after it with an Easy Rider sample and rolling break draped with harmonica, wah-wah, horns and keys and Jaguar Paw is equally funky. Things really hit their stride though with the stomping, snorting b-boy dancefloor devastation of Clockwork Orange. Funky Train is a laidback breather behind the barricades before Impressive The Donkey continues crashing onwards before finally the cheekily titled Let Your Lolli See My Pop brings events to a safely chilled conclusion.
(Out 1 April on Cold Busted)

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