MY NEIGHBOUR IS: Fish & Chips (2013)

[RATING: 5] My neighbour is fucking fit – the one across the road that is – not the ones either side. My Neighbour IsFish & Chips on the other hand is the latest nom de breaks of Robot Needs Oil. And I’m pretty hot for both of them. I always felt the term ‘roller’ was grossly mis-applied to certain drum n bass cuts which could never pimp it loose enough to properly warrant such a description. The nine tracks here however, appear to have been created with precisely that term in mind. The Fish & Chips EP recalls the the high points of an era when club nights mixed up the hip-hop, the rare groove and the breaks. It’s all about the Funky Drummer-based b-boy flavour of Little Freak and the stoner groove Mr Scream on this, the Cold Busted label’s first picture disc. Yes. It’s out on wax!
(Out 10 April on Cold Busted)

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