MUNGO’S HI-FI feat. EVA LAZARUS: ‘Amsterdam’ video (2017)

MUNGO'S HI-FI feat. EVA LAZARUS:  'Amsterdam' video[RATING: 5] Like the similarly angel-voiced Hollie Cook, you can always rely on Eva Lazarus to hook up with decent reggae and/or bashment producers and grace a decent beat. In this case, she’s joined forces with Glasgow’s finest dancehall practitioners, Mungo’s Hi-Fi, for the piano-led skank of break-up tune Amsterdam which finds our downcast heroine needing to get lifted after – well – you. Yes, you, you bastard. Honestly! What’s a girl to do? Well, in a track named Amsterdam, it’s probably to jump into a taxi toot sweet and head for Holland’s herbal playground to have a toot and then eat something sweet. Shmoke and a pancake? Flapjack and cigarette? If I were making a video for the track that’s what I’d do anyway. Oh – wait, that is what someone’s done. Maybe it was me that did it – I can’t remember – that high grade was a little too strong. Hasn’t taken Eva’s breath away though – she’s even managed a rap on the bridge. The bridge of the song you idiot, not an actual bridge, though god knows, there’re enough of them in the ‘Venice of the north’. Someone missed a trick there didn’t they? Don’t miss this.
(Out now HERE)

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