MR STABALINA: Rock The Party EP (2015) + Freemixes

Rock The Party EP Mr Stabalina[RATING: 5] Soon to be everyone’s favourite ghetto funker – sittin’ over there – his name is… Mr Stabalina, Mr Bob Stabalina. Well alright, I don’t actually know what his first name is and I’m pretty sure his surname isn’t really ‘Stabalina’. To be honest I can’t imagine many will be ‘sitting’ either when this EP is playing because Mr Stabalina’s Rock The Party EP delivers an unusual level of finesse and restraint when it comes to applying the wobble and is arguably the funkiest and most hip-hop-friendly drop likely to be bracketed under the title ‘ghetto funk’ this year, with the emphasis firmly on the funk. Perhaps it’s the sample-hopping – Chic to Groove Armada to Stezo to the Beatles to Led Zep in the space of a couple of bars on Freak The Funk or his penchant for real rather than digi-drums as on Can We Do It Again. Either way, this one’s all about freaking the ghetto funk. Oh yeah – Mr S has put together a series of ‘freemixes’ to support the release too – cop ’em off the last couple of players below…
(Out 18 December on Scour Records)

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