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MR FANTASTIC feat. J. TODD of DEF HARMONIC: Don’t Worry (Vinyl 7″)

What do you do if you made a follow-up to your 2011 hip-hop banger All The Critics which gets shelved before release by the label for reasons you can’t even remember? Well first, you don’t worry and secondly, you release it on 45 twelve-odd years later by way of the fiftieth release for your own label AE Productions. Who are we talking about? Step forward Mr Fantastic whose Don’t Worry, like All The Critics, also features J.Todd of Def Harmonic on the mic. and is also dope. Sample of a funk guitar vamp on the intro? Check. Chop up same sample over crunchy drums for the rest of the track? Damn straight. J.Todd spitting lyrical science again? You know it. “Welcome, welcome, welcome to the thunder/ Feel the raw shit from under!”
(Out 6 October on AE Productions)

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