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MR DORIS & D-FUNK: Feel Good / Back In The Day

MR DORIS & D-FUNK: Feel GoodCatching up with a blogging backlog is par for the course at certain points of year and going on holiday can certainly exacerbate things. That said, you’d think a summer holiday could be squeezed in without causing too much grief – what with summer normally being a slack period for releases. Not so this year which doesn’t seem to have seen any let-up in labels’ schedules at all. All of which preamble is to excuse tardy coverage of Feel Good and Back In The Day – the two tracks which make-up Mr Doris & D-Funk’s new single and which dancefloor patrons have already had two weeks to wrap their ears around. Feel Good is the first of this brace of good-time grooves and trips along on a synth-assisted mid-tempo boom-bap beat while rapper Cantaloop delivers the bars with a soul vocal assist from Nell Shakespeare. On the slightly slower Back In The Day meanwhile, it’s Mysdiggi who holds down the mic over a beat powered by a sample from Chicken Man (a.k.a. the Grange Hill theme) by library music don, Alan Hawkshaw. Naturally, he’s reminiscing about his school days lobbing lyrical missiles such as “We took in the word of nothing he said/ Looking like he just stuck on one of Worzel Gummidge’s heads” like a sausage on a fork. Those who know, know.
(Out now on Jalapeno Records)

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