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MR BRISTOW: ‘Soft Smoke’ (2014) free download

Soft Smoke Mr Bristow[RATING: 5] Soft Smoke sees Mr Bristow find a way to unite Queen Latifah’s furious haranguing of the politically apathetic on a guest turn she did for Coldcut with a wobbled-up beat and hook derived from Cockney Rebel’s unhinged classic Mr Soft. The result might be construed as a metaphor for the current political climate in the UK where public anger with Westminster and City corruption is more than matched by public political illiteracy and the lunatic decision to give ‘protest’ votes to a party led by an ex-public schoolboy, ex-city commodities trader, ex-Tory, Thatcherite ‘man of the people’ – oh – and prick. Cop it below…

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