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MR BRISTOW: Drive My Rhythm (2013) Free download

[RATING: 5] Hey everybody – Mr Bristow‘s been busy and put together a little Christmas cracker for y’all! Firstly, listen to it and it bangs. Secondly, there’s what sounds like a gag – ‘What do you get if you put Rakim, The Beatles, The Happy Mondays and (ahem) Olly Murs together?’ Then there’s the answer, which is no joke – it’s a big new Mr Bristow booty mash! Free gift? You can download said mashup for nothing off soundcloud. How about that then? You want a paper crown too? There’s no pleasing some people – Olly Murs for example, whose Heart Skips A Beat Mr Bristow mercifully skips the vocals on when sampling the beat. Cop it below and let the rhythm hit ’em on NYE…

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