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MR BIRD & GREG BLACKMAN: Save Me (2015) + video

Save Me Mr Bird Greg BlackmanMr Bird and Greg Blackman shouldn’t need any introduction and are in absolutely no need of a rescue here either as they release the gospel-tinged, soul-jazz highlight of their Lo-Fi Classics LP, Save Me. Bird provides an irresistibly shuffling beat and double bass-driven groove while Blackman employs his full and not inconsiderable vocal range to ensure a singalong hook of timeless simplicity and plenty of catchy “Whoah-hos!” Remixes come in the shape of Renegades Of Jazz’s uptempo ‘northern jazz’ breaks version and two entirely different smoky jazz club style mixes from Ill-Advised and Paragons Of Goodness. Bird and Blackman then – definitely not a comedy duo from the seventies. Video below player.
(Out soon on BBE)

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