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MR BIRD feat. MELO-D-MELO: Mind, Body & Soul Remix EP (B.I.R.D. 001)

MR BIRD feat. MELO-D-MELO: Mind, Body & Soul Remix EP (B.I.R.D. 001)It’d been a while since the monkey’d heard a chirp out of the Mr Bird camp until his new drop – the Mind, Body & Soul Remix EP flew in the other day. But what has he hatched out for us this time? Well there’s the original version of Mind, Body & Soul for starters which provides ever so slightly afro-tinged funk vibes with Melo D Melo providing a Mayfield-ish falsetto over the top. Blimey. Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a remix EP without some remixes too and these come courtesy of disco don Don Dayglow who goes all spacey and deep with a catchy and insistent electro-synth riff and insectoid beats, Andy Sparx who delivers pumping house-tinged breaks and Mr Bird himself with his ‘Mr Bird’s Got The Funk Remix.’ Unsurprisingly, it’s the latter that’s floating the monkey’s boat the most though Don Dayglow’s effort is worth having a flap about too.
(Out now on B.I.R.D.)

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