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MR 50: The City Of Sin EP (2013)

Let’s see now – where could The City Of Sin EP from Bristol-based Mr 50 be paying homage too? The big bucks corruption of Moscow? The fleshpots of Bangkok? The drug-soaked streets of Miami? Actually, my money’s on Bristol. Far-fetched? I don’t think so. Ask anyone who’s braved the walk down the slapper-choked alley that Corn Street becomes on any given Friday or Saturday night. And while that’s a thoroughfare that actually throbs along to the sound of David Guetta, the queasy off-kilter grooves of Fiddy’s bass-y glitch-hop bangers far more realistically document the experience of finding a route through two thousand drunk chavs who are, by turns, fighting with, puking on and screeching at each other. Or (not unheard of) all three at the same time. It’s that kind of a place…
(Out 18 February on Riddim Fruit)

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