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MORLACK: Will Not Be Cool (2012) – Free download

Will Not Be Cool? What will not be cool? Nowadays it’s bankers bonuses, when I was at school it was flared trousers but neither of those is what Morlack is on about. Nope his rework of Tower Of Power’s seventies cut-with-environmental bent There’s Only So Much Oil In The Ground is all about – well – the fact that fossil fuels are running out. It’s a message that humanity seems quite content to ignore and given Tower Of Power’s quite egregious jazzy delivery it’s no surprise that forty years later we’re still driving to the corner shop and putting up national grid-draining displays of lighting on the outside of our houses at Christmas. Enter Morlack with a spare breakbeat, looking for somewhere to stick it and hey presto – you’ve got a full-on enviro-themed dancefloor funk groover on your hands. Now you can be aware whilst getting down. And remember – don’t fill the fucking kettle right up if you’re only making one cup of tea! Cop your free download off the player below:

Will Not Be Cool by morlack

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