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MORLACK: Where Do U Get Ur Funk From (2011) + Free downloads

I like Morlack’s release titles. Last time he was taking it to the Zulu – this time he wants to know where we get our funk from. Er – hang on Morlack – I’ll do the questions – where do you get yours from? Your cover would suggest Betty Davis with bigger guns…what’s that, sorry – Seventies P-funk? Oh right, yeah. Tone Loc – yup, The Red Hot Chili Peppers – I see and…INXS. Really? Oh, I get you…guilty pleasures and all that eh? And then you beef up the rhythm section in a twenty-first century party breaks stylee…? Well, that all seems to hang together rather well my friend.

Thus it is that French producer Morlack has upped his own ante again for Where Do U Get Ur Funk From? is his finest release yet and consists of thirteen tracks on the party/ funky breaks axis every one of which is guaranteed dancefloor action at a party breaks happening. Sub-genre spotters may notice anything from ‘nu disco’ to the nebulous and moveable stylistic feast that is ‘ghetto funk.’ On that last point though – let’s just observe that wobbly bass is relatively rare on this and subtle when it is present – which just goes to affirm Morlack’s funkiness – though there’s a bit of buzz-saw rhythm on the Junkie XL-like Misty Vibe. If bass wobble is your thing however – you’ll find plenty on the free DLs below – between LP player and video of album track Party Maker. If you’ve previously liked the work of Badboe or Basement Freaks – this one’s probably a shoe-in for your digital music collection.
(Out now on Funk Blasters)

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