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MORLACK: Refunkafized (2014)

Refunkafized MorlackSee? I told you Morlack ate, slept and shat breakbeat music. Yes, it’s yet another release from a man whose productivity is starting to make a Korean sweatshop look slack and the second album-length one in a month alone. Perhaps Juno should just pop a new sub-genre link under their breakbeat section called ‘Morlack-funk’ or something? Mind you, strictly speaking this one is other people’s re-interpretations of Morlack productions and features some big hitters on the ghetto funk and party breaks scene from veterans Funkanomics, The Breakbeat Junkie, and BBP label owner Badboe to new kids on the block like Sammy Senior and Father Funk. Not that Morlack can resist the temptation to get loose at his own party and contributes no fewer than three remixes here.

All in all there are nineteen remixes on this package which yields all manner of ghetto funk flavours and more besides. If your tastes veer towards ghetto-DC-go-go and snarly ghetto funk wobble (or both) for example you’ll find this well-stocked by the aforementioned Sammy Senior, Father Funk, Funkanomics and Badboe as well as by Cockney Nutjob, DiscoBeta, ShakaLovesYou, and Morlack himself, among others. It’s not all about the wobble though. The Breakbeat Junkie and Timewarp both provide some electro-disco action with different takes on the Newcleus-appropriating Let’s Go Jammin’, Funk The System provides a pounding four to the floor disco bass funk workout on his version of Party Squeezing and Jason King drops some fat synth-decorated boom-bap on Everyday Thoughts. Talking of boom-bap, when Badboe and Morlack originally floated this project, apparently Mako & The Hawk heard, ‘remix Morlack but make it sound like 1969,’ so their version of Take It To The Zulu Part 1 takes the tiny funky soul samples from the original and blows them up large as the basis of their rerub. Very much in the spirit of James Brown and Charles Wright (even though that vocal is Latin Breed’s Little Jimmy Edward) turning up at the rave and showing the kids how to do the ‘camel walk.’ And why not – it does say ReFUNKafized! Players below…
(Out 1 August 2014 on Breakbeat Paradise Recordings)

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