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MORLACK: Funkafize (2012)

“Funkafize you sir?”
“Oh – hi Morlack didn’t see you there? You’ve got a new EP out called Funkafize? Does it involve heavy party-breakbeat versions of squelchy seventies funk and disco plus sly chops of eighties hip-hop? Yeah? A bit of Sho Nuff, a bit of the ‘Teacher’ himself KRS-One? Like it. Haha – sorry – it sounded like you said Ya Kid K and the Shamen as well. You did…er – have you been listening to favela ‘funk’? Mind you – it’s the second time I’ve heard terrible nineties vocals rehabilitated on a beat considerably more tasteful than the one of their original appearance this month – it’s what mash-ups were made for after all. Got anything else in the works? You do? A 12” soon on BBP? I will be looking forward it!”
(Out now on Breakbeat Paradise)

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