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MONKEYBOXING PRESENTS: Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul Vol. 1 (2011) Free download is proud to present Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul featuring the dopest cuts from some of the finest current purveyors of FUNK, SOUL, HIP-HOP, NUFUNK, GHETTOFUNK and REGGAE. Includes EXCLUSIVE tracks from SMOOVE (Jalepeno/ Wack), ANDY TAYLOR (Resense/ Wack), and THE HAWK (Record Kicks) along with ALDO VANUCCI, FEATURECAST and THA ‘LIKS massive hip-hop banger from last year, a remix from reggae-remix legend JSTAR and more underground gems than a newly-excavated diamond mine.


Download: Monkeyboxing presents – ‘Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul Vol. 1’ CLICK HERE

LISTEN TO PREVIEW MIX ONLY (i.e. NOT the album – you get that via the link above) on player below and read full tracklist and PR blah below that:


1. SISTER HENRY & THE PRESCRIPTIONS – My Good Lovin’ (Rowed Out)
2. DEEP STREET SOUL – Rollergirl (Freestyle)
3. T BIRD & THE BREAKS – Esmerelda
4. EWAN HOOZAMI– Love, Loves Karaoke (Pig Balls)
5. SMOOVE – I’m A B-Boy (Unreleased)
6. K-DELIGHT & THE VOODOO GURU feat. CHROME – The Wildstyle Dream (Playing Around)
7. THE HAWK feat. LITTLE HANNAH COLLINS – Under My Skin (Unreleased)
8. ALDO VANUCCI, FEATURECAST & THA ‘LIKS – Prohibition (Good Living)
9. MAKO & THE HAWK vs. THE BEASTIE BOYS – Too Many Rappers (Not Enough Funk mix)
10. ROGER MOLLS feat. PTATE – High Speed Chase
11. MR DERO vs. JSTAR – No Time To Waste (J-Star remix)
12. ANDY TAYLOR – Know Your Place (Unreleased)
13. SAVANT – The Truth (Crash Course Series)

How dope is this? Things kick off with a trio of underground funk cuts, the first of which is a sweet little mod-soul-funker My Good Lovin’ from the UK’s very own Sister Henry & The Prescriptions from their He’s So Fine EP. Next, Freestyle Record’s antipodean secret weapon Deep Street Soul slay you with Rollergirl, the highlight of their debut Chilli Fried EP leaving T-Bird & The Breaks to take up the baton for some heavy duty Texan soul-funk in the shape of Esmerelda off their debut album Learn About It. From here we segue neatly into nu/ghettofunk territory as rising Bristol-based producer Ewan Hoozami chops up old funk and soul 45s for dancefloor banger Love Loves Karaoke and Smoove (or Berry Geordie as we like to call him) presents an exclusive unreleased funky breakbeat bomb in the form of I’m A B-Boy. He’s not the only b-boy in on the action either as next up is K-Delight with Wildstyle Dream – the biggest cut off his debut LP Audio Revolution featuring Deftex’s mighty Chrome on the mic. Big Boss Man bass-player, The Hawk, changes things up with another exclusive – Under My Skin – his brand-new old-fashioned, northern soul follow-up to last year’s huge Don’t Judge A Book – also featuring the gorgeous Lil Hannah Collins. Things then head back once more to planet hip-hop with Prohibition – hands down the biggest dancefloor hip-hop bomb from last year (no lie – check it!) – in a giant collabo from Aldo Vanucci (Fatboy Slim’s crate-digger), ghettofunk superstars Featurecast and old school hip-hop crew Tha ‘Liks. The Hawk then makes a second appearance, this time with DJ cohort Mako, and their classy funk-45 based Beastie Boys remix Too Many Rappers (Not Enough Funk mix) – as played on Craig Charles’ BBC Radio 6 Funk & Soul Show! Next, up-and-coming French producer Roger Molls, reminds RJD2 how he used to do it in the best track (High Speed Chase) from the best hip-hop LP (Rewind) you might not have heard from last year showcasing the verbal skills of rapper Ptate. Reggae remix supremo J-Star then takes up the reins with his soulful rnb-ified Mr Dero rerub of No Time To Waste, followed up by the new king of Latin b-boy breaks, Andy Taylor – here presenting our third exclusive and one for the ladies – Know Your Place. Finally U.S. rapper and underground legend Savant keeps it gully right to the end over the horns-driven beat (courtesy of producer Passion Hi-Fi) of The Truth off his brand new Crash Course EP.

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CREDITS: Massive thanks, props and respect to all the artists involved plus special thanks to The Hawk for his assistance with the mysteries of Photoshop.

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