MONKEYBOXING.COM presents: Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul Vol. 3 (2013) Free download

Filthy rhythm? Dirty soul? If you haven’t got ’em you want them. If you’ve got them you’ll want more. So here it is then –’s annual treat – Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul: Vol. 3 – a free unmixed ‘mixtape’ celebration of some of the biggest bangers (and not a few of the monkey’s favourite cuts) from the last twelve months of FUNK, SOUL, HIP-HOP, PARTY BREAKS and REGGAE including UGLY DUCKLING, MARTHA HIGH, JSTAR, HARVEY KTEL & SNORKIE, DAYTONER, VOODOOFUNK, ROGER MOLLS, DJ MAARS, ABTOMIC, CHILL BUMP and K.SABROSO plus dope exclusives from THE GRITS, MORLACK and THE FAKERS. COP ALL TRACKS AT A DJ-READY 320 KBPS, FREE AND ENTIRE HERE:

Download: Monkeyboxing presents – ‘Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul Vol. 3’ CLICK HERE

Listen to PREVIEW MIX ONLY (i.e. NOT the album – you get that via the link above) on player below and read full tracklist and PR blah below that:

1. CHILL BUMP – The Eponym
2. UGLY DUCKLING – Elevation
3. MARTHA HIGH – No More Heartaches
4. VOODOOFUNK – B-Boy Paco
5. NAUGHTY BY NATURE – Clap Yo Hands (DJ MAARS edit)
6. HARVEY KTEL – Babylon Bop
6. JSTAR – Marijuana Situation
8. ROGER MOLLS (feat. PTATES) – What’s Your Place
9. WILLY MOON – Yeah Yeah Yeah (K.SABROSO B-boy edit)
10. GEORGE CLINTON & TREY LEWD – Yank My Doodle (MORLACK remix)
11. ABTOMIC – Oriza
12. DAYTONER – Bargain Benz Bossa
13. THE FAKERS – Fake No 4
14. THE GRITS – Psycho

It’s the sounds you hear that linger in your ear…and there were plenty last year. One of the later ones to arrive was Chill Bump’s party-starting blues-hop opener to their The Loop EPEponym – and it was such a banger it was crying out to open this too. Talking of bangers – what about Elevation from Long Beach’s Ugly Duckling? UD have been rocking a jam by popular demand since way back and it’s an honour to include the biggest track from their latest LP Moving At Breakneck Speed here. This is followed by one of the biggest funk cuts from last year – a blistering Vicki Anderson cover, No More Heartaches, from former James Brown tour singer Martha High and the highlight of her Soul Overdue LP and then Voodoofunk’s huge latin b-boy anthem B-Boy Paco. It’s all about the reggae next with DJ Maars’ fat reggae re-work of OPP’s Clap Your Hands and Harvey KTel’s inspired island style take on The Ramones’ Blitzkrieg Bop plus a welcome return from a reggae remix king who appeared on the first volume of Filthy Rhythm, Dirty SoulJStar. This time around we’re including his the dope bass monster Marijuana Situation. Next up is the French hip-hop production supremo with the unassuming name and the only artist to have appeared on all three monkeyboxing mixtapes – Roger Molls with What’s Your Place featuring Stateside rapper Ptate – the highlight of his excellent current LP Metamorphosis Of Muses. Then it’s the turn of another man to watch – K.Sabroso and his b-boy edit of Willy Moon’s Yeah Yeah. The first exclusive is the whacked-out funkiness of Morlack’s remix of George Clinton & Trey Lude’s Yank My Doodle, followed by a second big latin breaks track – Abtomic’s rework of Les King’s Oriza. Pass the rum. Then we’re on a classy future retro tip next with Daytoner’s bossa breaks bomb Benz Bargain Bin Bossa from his Sunburst Radio album. The second exclusive is The Fakers’ Fake No. 4. You might not have heard of them yet (and there’s no guarantee that this mysterious outfit will reveal who they are) but suffice it to say they’ve put out material under other names and the quality continues with dusty crates-sampling instrumental cut Fake No. 4. Finally we close with a third exclusive from Brighton funk crew The Grits. The Grits have been responsible for a number of contemporary funk classics and here’s another one in the shape of a spaced out, downbeat, dirty funk cover of Psycho by sixties garage punks The Sonics with vocals on a mod tip from Sophie Adler McKean. The perfect end. Spread the word!

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Big love to all the artists and labels involved! The monkey is honoured once again.
Big love to the twins, Linda and Lisa, for modelling. True soul sistas! xx
Big love to The Hawk for your Photoshop skills – I owe you another pint 🙂

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