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MONKEYBOXING.COM – Top 10 Tracks 2020

MONKEYBOXING.COM – Top 10 Tracks 2020Based on a highly complex algorithm derived from how often shit gets played on the MB sound system, this chart details the monkey’s biggest new tracks of 2020!
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1. The Regulators – Why Why Why?

Pitching it inna early reggae style – this drop from Original Gravity was top cut of 2020 for the monkey…MORE

2. The Allergies – Say The Word

It was all about the rhythm on the title track from The Allergies’ fourth LP which sadly never got a 45 single release…MORE

3. DJ Maars – Pull Up

Pulling up at the eleventh hour was DJ Maars with this monster splice of dancehall and 90s hip-hop…MORE

4. Eamon – Step By Step

Yes, that Eamonn – get over it. The very definition of what people should think of when they hear the words ‘alt R&B’…MORE

5. York Street Hustle – Cruelty

Monster gospel-style funk cut with secular lyrics from the Philly outfit…MORE

6. The Mighty Mocambos – Theme From Beverly Hills Cop (Axel F)

Monster funk cover of the Harold Faltermeyer cut – live but so tight it might as well have been done in the studio…MORE

7. Kind & Kinky Zoo – Soif, Chameau, Pinot

Huge psych-soul cut from the ever reliable Swiss crew…MORE

8. Night Owls – Gossip

Top funky reggay cover of the Cyril Neville classic…MORE

9. The Stance Brothers – On Top

More psych-tinged business on this superb vintage-sounding jazz-funk groove…MORE

10. Soul Brigada – Love You Baby

Big-ass funky soul edit from Mr Alex ‘Soul Brigada’…MORE

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