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MONKEYBOXING.COM: October 2016 server outtage and missing content 11 August 2016 – 8 October 2016

monkeyboxing-logoMonkeyboxing was offline between 9 October and 13 October 2016 due to a catastrophic hard disk failure at a well-known and supposedly reliable commercial web hosting company. As a consequence, two months’ worth of content between 11 August and 8 October 2016 is now permanently missing. Initially, the monkey was told that data could be retrieved from backups. The webhost in question refused to hand over the failed disks and would only attempt to retrieve the lost data for a hefty fee. They subsequently failed to do this despite having been paid. Fortunately had been undergoing a mobile-friendly re-design and the designer had retained a complete copy of nearly eight year’s worth of MB content up until 10 August 2016. Working on the premise that any monkeyboxing is better than no monkeyboxing, the site was restored from the 10 August backup and new content continues to be added. The monkey apologises if the lost content related to you and your music.

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