MONGRELS: Full Moon/ Half Moon (2016)

Full Moon Half Moon MongrelsHere we go again, straight outta Chapeltown. Well, I say ‘Chapeltown’ – actually I don’t know where Kid Acne is based in Sheffield but one thing’s for sure – his Mongrels outfit keeps it, “old school screaming.” New single Full Moon/ Half Moon is the follow-up to their recent You Dig Raps? drop and Burgundy Blood hook-up …In The Pop Wilderness and is driven by a neck-snap drum break. Between the radio edit and part 2 (which features Scorzayzee) the track delivers pearls of wisdom such as “So what you think about that – you know Barry ain’t white and Cilla ain’t black” and references everything from the Celtic triple goddess to Neneh Cherry, Ulysses 31 to Thundercats and Porn Theatre Ushers to Brit-hop pioneers Gunshot. In short there’s no messing around with the lyrical crescent here – these boys deliver the whole of the moon.
(Out now on Invisible Spies)

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