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MO’ MATIC feat. OXYGEN: Sureshot (2016)

Sureshot Mo Matic Oxygen[RATING: 5] As appropriately named as the Beastie Boys track with which it shares a title, this new one from Channel Islands producer Mo’ Matic and Soundsci rapper Oxygen from NYC is a certified banger. The original mix is rumbling, heavyweight, reggae-hiphop that does what it says on the tin while top-notch remixing is in evidence. The Allergies and Soundmakers are on two different types of 90s vibe – the former with a DITC feel and the latter who rock a more underground Def Jux/ Rhymesayers-type vibe – though Nick Bike gets the remix laurels this time with a crunchy funk breaks and throbbing bass combo beat. Oh yeah – and of course Oxygen delivers vintage battle rhymes, “Set it off right after the beat drops/ then I come back in with a vengeance/ My sentences got the pen smokin’ like incense.” Sureshot indeed.
(Out now on Dinked Records)

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