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MNP: Heavy Tint/ Dib Dab Ltd. 7″ (2017)

MNP:  Heavy Tint/ Dib Dab Ltd. 7If El Michels Affair’s recent excellent Return To The 37th Chamber has given you a taste for funky, psychedelic, library music style instros and you’re now looking for something in a similar vein that’s not a cover – MNP are here to sort you out. Why? Well, it transpires, their debut 7″ for the Delights label is just such a beast. The band (who consist of Tru Thoughts artist Beta Hector, former Baby Charles member Toby Sendall and Robin ‘Derriere’ Mallon) have collaborated with label owner Markey Funk to create two tracks (Heavy Tint b/w Dib Dab) worthy of the doomiest scenes in some sixties European crime flick or spaghetti western…
(Out on/around 28 April on Delights)

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