MISTER T: Big Day (2015)

Big Day Mister TThere may be trouble at’ mill for Greece’s finances as it heads for the big day when the IMF demands its next billion pounds of flesh but Athenian Mister T doesn’t default on his next installment for Cold Busted instead paying on the nose with the release of his new 12 tracker Big Day. Typically, Cold Busted trade in smoky cinematic and downbeat breaks but (as with much of their output of late) Mister T’s latest contains both variety and a number of dancefloor cuts.

Opener A True Story is a spry bit of minimal breakbeat swing that’s more foot-tap than head-nod while Yo is a decidedly uptempo bongos-n-scratch-tweaked bit of b-boy instro breaks. This Is Not A House track is definitely (and happily) not a house track but rather some deep disco business. Move Like Us offers swirly synths and a bit of Hammond but is still a relatively lively bit of jazzy breaks while the there’s a pleasing crunch to female vocal cut Everybody Is Going To Be There which tempers crunchy drums with Brand New Heavies style vocal and horns. And then there’s another vocal Saturday Night Banger which while not a hands-in-the-air banger neverthless musters a rolling groove tempered with jazzy guitar licks to get ladies on the floor. Enough to guarantee Mister T a few big days when performing live anyway.
(Out 25 May on Cold Busted)

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