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Mined & Forrest provide the source material for the latest Breakbeat Paradise remix package in which their four BBP EPs to date are, well, ‘mined’ for suitable rebootable material. Enter a salivating crew consisting of Lack Jemmon, Beat Le Juice, B-Side, Mr Bristow, label boss Badboe and the duo in question themselves. Lack Jemmon get more than a bit wobbly on Funk Toxic, as do Beat Le Juice and Mr Bristow on Rock It and Fire Back respectively, though Juice employs a house-beat and Bristow a snarling tech dnb beat. Coming through with a more conventional breakbeat approach however are the ever reliable Badboe, on Gimme The Best, and former king of wobble B-Side (here employing slap bass for all he’s worth) on There It Is. This just leaves Mined & Forrest themselves to give the VIP treatment to Coming Through with heavier drums and an altogether glitchier approach.
(Out now on Breakbeat Paradise)

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