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THE MICROPHONE MISFITZ: Soul Rebelz (2016) video

Soul Rebelz Microphone Misfitz[RATING: 5] If you’re short of retro-boom-bap hip-hop, this is the week for you as Chicago’s Microphone Misfitz have a new video out for their super b-boy-friendly cut Soul Rebelz. 80s platform games graphics give way to He-Man-quality animation and finally to the Misfitz themselves intercut with martial-arts flick footage by way of a visual backdrop to the Ironside Theme-sampling track itself. Man, their live show looks a blast. Bet there’s not much chance of them coming over this side of the pond though. Wrong! The Misfitz are keen to ‘do’ festivals and small venues in the UK, France, Germany and Switzerland – hell – anywhere they can rock the spot, frankly. Wanna book the ‘Fitz? Reach out to those soul rebels who rock on many levels and book The Microphone Misfitz via this email:

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