MICHAEL DEVELLIS: Over Under EP (2013)

“People, people, we got to get over/ Before we go under” sang the late, great JB, and if Michael Devellis’ Over Under EP isn’t quite, perhaps, what the godfather of soul had in mind when he invented funk, at least it can lay more claim to being funky than some breakbeat shenanigans these days. As it happens, James Brown features on final track Turtle Love which also includes Beasties and Daft Punk samples – a combination which kind of sums up our man’s direction really. DeVellis himself recently appeared on Badboe’s album Pump Up The Funk adding layers of real instrumentation to the BBP label manager’s sampled production and on this he crafts his own original digi-funk and splices it with quality rapappellas. Turn on your funk motor!
(Out now on Breakbeat Paradise)

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