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MENACE*LIVE: My Persona (DUBMATIX remix) (2017)

MENACE * LIVE:  My Persona (DUBMATIX remix)Following his success with Megative’s excellent More Time, reggae remixer de jour, Toronto’s Dubmatix, gets his hands on slacker anthem My Persona by former Shootyz Groove roadie Menace*Live for another legit remix. Man knows how to pick a track! Out goes the heavy bashment beat of the Queens-based rapper’s original and in comes Dubmatix’s trademark heavy dub-reggae skank as he works his magic once more. The resulting vibe is not dissimilar to that he achieved on the aforementioned Megative remix but there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, if it ain’t broke, it don’t need fixing. Here’s looking forward to the next thing to get a Dubmatix versioning!
(Release/ label info. soon come)

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