MELVYN PALMER: Organ No. 1 (Love Our Records) (2015)

Organ No 1 Melvyn PalmerA bit of organ love here. No not that kind. A man named Melvyn Palmer, (it transpires) has a prodigious collection of organs (the Hammond, Rhodes, Wurlitzer kind) and vintage synths and not just that, he’s rather handy with them and not a little funky too. How do we know? Because Kev La Kat, the man behind weekly free download label, has been on Melvyn’s case to the extent of travelling to chez Palmer to record the sort of jams the man lays down ‘behind closed curtains.’ Which you can hear below in the form of Organ No 1. One senses more than a mere jam is in the offing at some future point. One for Bongolian as well as Money Mark fans. Cop that jam below…

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