MEGATIVE: More Time (DUBMATIX remix and dubs)(2017)

MEGATIVE:  More Time (DUBMATIX remix and dubs)(2017)“Oh, I never gave a fuck about the youth I wasted/ I thought I had more time,” sang Megative’s Tim Fletcher (formerly of The Stills) on the band’s mournful reggae anthem More Time back in the summer. Check the video and you’ll see this multi-racial band channelling The Specials in their parkas, Fred Perrys and Sta-Prest slacks adopting a suitably haunting early 80s vibe. As well they might since 2017 has provided them with an appropriately aggressive right-wing US president, rising global tension between east and west and economic instability at home. Happy days. But in these times of fake news and hypernormalisation perhaps it’s worth chucking in an extra layer of sonic obfuscation to symbolise the increasingly uncertain and uneasy nature of our world? Enter Dubmatix to provide his Two Tone Remix which ups the echo and bass quotient and the inevitable Dub Mix which does the same with bells on. Remix audio below. Original below that.
(Out 8 December on Last Gang Records)

Embed for Megative – More Time (Dubmatix Two Tone Remix)

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