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MASH & MUNKEE: We Like It Like That (2012)

Mash & Munkee finally make good on the promise of those Hero Records and Funk Weapons singles with their twelve track debut LP We Like It Like That. But what exactly is ‘that’ you ask? Judging by the content it’s hundred per cent proof by volume b-boy instrumentals. Expect lots of jazz and blaxploitation-influenced grooves that sound like they’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time in the gym working on the size of their breakbeats – check Here We Come, Superbad or MB favourite Point Vista should you require further proof. Later on our boys swing by the latin breaks party with the midtempo Kibo and Venga Veras and also poke their heads into the downtempo room with Mexican B Boy. Let’s not kid ourselves though – with the exception of this last one however, the material on We Like it Like That is really all about one choice – do I wear the Superstars or the Clydes?

No comment on this LP should pass without mention of the production which is superb but the quality shouldn’t really come as a surprise since one of this pair is David Hanke a.k.a. Renegades Of Jazz and the other one is Kolja Starkowski a.k.a DJ Deli-Kutt and Freesoul 45 label owner – as well as being the man who’s done most of the mixdowns for ROJ. If you like funk, hip-hop breakbeats and moving your feet you’ll be on it like a car bonnet.
(Out 25 June on Hero Records)

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