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MARTINIBOMB: Mambossa Fever (2013) Free download

Fancy a bit of Mambossa Fever? It’s the new three-tracker from Martinibomb, a man last heard of round these parts – ooh – almost exactly a year ago with his rather good mambo, cha-cha, disco, hip-hop and surf-influenced A Girl’s Bike free LP. The equally good Mambossa Fever EP has all the infectiousness of one of those gnarly hemorraghic viruses that originate in the Congo (and which its title puns off) though there are some fairly important differences. It won’t make you bleed from your tear ducts or asshole for example and listening to it isn’t ninety per cent fatal. Those soulful airborne mambo-bossa-cumbia-breaks vibrations might cause an outbreak of dancefloor activity however. Definitely one for all fans of the Wass, Agogo and Hiperbole labels. And the dog on the cover does look a lot like the one that talks to the killer in Summer of Sam. Cop it below…

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