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MARTHA HIGH: ‘Mama Feelgood’ audio premiere (2017)

MARTHA HIGH:  'Mama Feelgood' audio premiere (2017)[RATING: 5] The monkey does like to line up a dope audio premiere for you and this one is a real treat – James Brown’s original funky diva, Martha High, covers Lyn Collin’s Mama Feelgood with Osaka Monaurail as her backing band. And damn if it ain’t as good as the original. The track is the highlight of Tribute To My Soul Sisters – a whole LP from High and Osaka Monaurail out later this month which pays – well – tribute to some of High’s soul sisters from back in the day like Lyn Collins (obviously), Vicki Anderson, Marva Whitney, Sugar Pie DeSanto, Anna King and – er – High herself from when she was still singing in The Jewels. Seven inch puhh-lease!

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