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MANOSJMT: Bossa Nova

MANOSJMT:  Bossa Nova Got bossa? Don’t worry if you haven’t, Athenian producer Manosjmt has got you well and truly covered. Enter three versions of his latest effort Bossa Nova constructed from samples of Jacques Brel’s ’58 cut Dors Ma Mie, Bonsoir and Paul ‘John Adams’ Giamatti. Three versions? Why yes! Bossa Nova (Hop), Bossa Nova (Hop & Hop) and the Bossa Nova (Instrumental). So that’s a bossa nova beat with some hip-hop bottom end leverage then? Yep, pretty much and it’s pretty much begging for an MC to – er – hop on that joint. You almost wonder why our man didn’t do it himself until you realise you’ll be looking for a ‘pella at 136 or 68 bpm. Hmm. Get someone to knock up an original maybe…

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